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Our Fiscal Sponsees

Hearing Youth Voices

We run campaigns on issues that are important to our constituents- young people of color, many of whom are also working class, and/or immigrant, and/or LGBT, and/or undocumented. Thus far, our campaigns have focused on educational justice issues, especially issues of school pushout and the school to prison pipeline. 


The BBSU is the work and dedication of youth and adult organizers and philanthropists committed to strengthening and growing the landscape of youth justice in CT. The CT Black and Brown Student Union is anchored by its founding organizations, Hearing Youth Voices (New London), CT Students for a Dream (state wide) and CityWide Youth Coalition (New Haven). Formally formed in 2018, The CT BBSU is designed to build capacity for state wide organizing, build power around youth priorities in the state of CT, co-create a shared language and training pipeline for youth organizing in the state of CT. We ask the question, if we cannot collaborate, can we synchronize? Can we share resources, mobilizing, and assistance in the places our issue focuses intersect to run strong campaigns in broad coalition.


Step Up New London

We are dedicated to building an anti-racist, people-powered movement that holds ourselves and the community accountable in creating homes and schools where Black and Brown children and families are thriving.

Mutual Aid Hartford

We are a community-run network of Hartford residents’ needs and contributions. When we say “mutual aid,” we mean that every member has the opportunity to give and to take, as needed, no questions asked. This is people helping people. We are action-driven and rooted in the belief that this is the only way we can survive capitalist society.

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