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Vision & Values

Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsees, CT Black and Brown Student Unionholding a peaceful protest at Eastern Connecticut State University on October 15th, 2020.

We believe there is a better way.

Our Mission

ABWF-CT is led by a collective of organizers that champion racial, gender-based, dis/ability justice, and economic justice. We empower groups historically blocked from decision making. We center and support the work of black, brown, indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ leadership with an emphasis on youth, equity, and education, utilizing anti-racist organizing principles to dismantle and realign systems of power. We support organizations that uplift through political education and communications, illuminating untold narratives to reflect history more accurately and equitably. We help emerging groups transform into robust, sustainable organizations. We strive for political power that leads to reform in policy and in practice. From community organizing to movement building, we are a home for collaborative leadership development and fiscal sponsorship. We serve as a support system for Connecticut based groups, interrogating and challenging existing power structures, as a model for national alignment.


Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, Hearing Youth Voices, during a Black Lives Matter Protest.

Community Gathering

Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, Step Up New Londonfor a workshop where 16 parents and community members completed a 12-week training where folks dove into various topics critical to community organizing and civic engagement, such as racism, sexism, capitalism and more.

Our Vision 

A Better Way Foundation, Connecticut (ABWF-CT) is striving to build community, to shift power, to dismantle oppressive systems, and to uphold our vision, while helping justice-centered organizations thrive. We believe there is a better way.

Our Values

Racial Justice, equity, anti-racism, and economic justice: We are founded on these pillars. We believe that in order to address issues of inequities, we must center the voices of those most impacted by these issues.


Humanity: We are visionary leaders committed to the humanity in each person and working together to achieve our shared liberation.


Transparency & collaboration: We center open and honest conversations with communities that allow for deep transparency in our work and supports productive collaboration.


Community organizing: We see community organizing as integral to shifting the material circumstances of marginalized communities. 


Long-term relationships: We know that long-term relationships are the true power of good social movements and we treat them with care and deliberation.


Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, CT Black and Brown Student Union, during the Care Not Cops Campaign with Community First Coalition.

Our Sponsees

Mutual Aid Hartford
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