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Vision & Values

Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsees, CT Black and Brown Student Unionholding a peaceful protest at Eastern Connecticut State University on October 15th, 2020.

We believe there is a better way.

Our Beliefs
  • We are founded on the pillars of racial justice, equity, anti-racism, and economic justice. 

  • We are visionary leaders committed to each other’s humanity and to manifesting our shared liberation. 

  • We honor transparency, honesty, and collaboration. 

  • We value community organizing as a tool to shift the material conditions of our communities.

  • We see the vast space and great power of long-term relationships, treating them with care and deliberation.


Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, Hearing Youth Voices, during a Black Lives Matter Protest.


Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, Step Up New Londonfor a workshop where 16 parents and community members completed a 12-week training where folks dove into various topics critical to community organizing and civic engagement, such as racism, sexism, capitalism and more.

We Center

  • The experience of our people most impacted by racism and capitalism.

  • Accountability to each other.

  • Those directly affected by the issue as their own best representatives. 

  • A community-based vision and mission.    

  • Collaborating and organizing strategically.    

  • Campaigns with clear demands and targets.

  • Development of new leadership to support and guide the work. 

  • Movement building to foster trust and intentional connection.

  • Base-building to agitate, mobilize, and engage our constituents in our work.

  • The anti-racism and anti-bias principles for organizing and building relationships from the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond: 

Our Commitments


  • Support emerging groups.

  • Build an organization thoughtfully.

  • Incubate ideas and bring them into existence, from workshop facilitation to institution building.

  • Acknowledge we have a lot to learn.

  • Ensure that fiscally-sponsored groups have real decision-making power within the organizational structure.

  • Intelligently design organizational practices that reflect our commitment to each other through transformative personnel and HR policies.

  • Center open and candid communications.

  • Share knowledge and maintain an informed community of groups, allies, and supporters.

  • Move through conflict in healthy ways, regarding it as a normal element of our interconnectedness and humanity. 


Photo courtesy of our fiscal sponsee, CT Black and Brown Student Union, during the Care Not Cops Campaign with Community First Coalition.

Our Sponsees

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